It is with tremendous gratitude that I acknowledge the following individuals and institutions for their support of the American Families project. The 92nd Street Y has played a pivotal role in the realization of this project providing active sponsorship and advocacy in collaboration with their Project America series. I would specifically like to thank Robert Gilson for his endless participation, guidance, and support over the past two years.

I am truly grateful to the ten families who shared their extraordinary lives with me for three weeks. Their courage and spirit are an enduring inspiration. I am also eternally thankful for the unconditional love and encouragement that my parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends have given to me over the years and throughout this project. Their love is my foundation.

The following people and foundations provided generous patronage for the project. All my thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Kelly, Mr. James Uffelman, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Waterhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Waterhouse Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGahren, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Waterhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Waterhouse III, Ms. Jennifer A.Waterhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Groff, Mrs. Susan Halby, Mrs. Robin Halby-Snidow, Ms. Deehan Wyman, Ms. Cyndi Ingalls, The George Gund Foundation, The General Service Foundation, The Waterhouse Family Foundation, and The Wyman Youth Trust.

This project was especially enriched by the following friends: Ilise and Alanna Gold, Fritz Heilbron, Todd Reamon, Alix Friedman, Alice and Becky Nagy, Sarah Mann, Mary Garton, Laura and Mark Silence, Alizabeth Fritz, Paul Glenshaw, Jeff Johnston, Kristen Whiting, the Porio family, the Curtis family, Molly and Barr Seitz, Kiyomi Marsh, Rachel Conly, the Tuttle family, the Yost family, Richard Reamon, Anne Garlinghouse, Jeanette Shalov, Alin Shethar, Michael Lynch, the Lamont family, Suzie Murphy, Spike Mafford, Lisa Dutton, the Birnie family, the Krembs family, Jane McKelvey, Allen Berner, Sunder Aaron, Alan Rapp, Leslie Jonath, Jane Wattenberg, Maggie Steber, Alice Tasman, Christina Van Duijn, Jim Berry, George Howard, George Lemien, Mildred Bruce, Melanie Ropicki,Verna Thornton, and Jan Stephens.

I owe a continuing debt of gratitude to Camera Arts, Jon Kirkham, Stephen Schwartz, Duggal Color Projects, Kew Professional Photo, Steo-Verni Framing, Casey Family Program, School Age Parenting Program, Teach For America, The Photographic Center Gallery, Stephanie Coontz, Ellen Pulleyblank, Council on Contemporary Families, Atlas Group, Debbie Caffery, Marvin Ellison, Case Western Reserve University, and Skytel.

I owe endless gratitude to friend and artist Paul Glenshaw for his creative and technical expertise in developing the American Families web site. Please direct meaningful compliments and comments to his attention.

American Families: Beyond the White Picket Fence is dedicated with love and friendship to the memory of Mrs. Emma Thomas Lewis, a great-grandmother, and lantern of life for three generations of children whom she raised with tremendous pride under her roof in New Orleans, Louisiana.