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1. - Family Diversity Projects presents photo-text exhibits and books including the acclaimed LOVE MAKES A FAMILY: A Celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and Their Families. Other exhibits include OF MANY COLORS: Portraits of Multiracial Families, IN OUR FAMILY: Portraits of All Kinds of Families and NOTHING TO HIDE: Mental Illness in The Family.

2. - The Southern Poverty Law Center, in response to an alarming increase in hate crime among youth, began the Teaching Tolerance project in 1991 as an extension of the Center's legal and educational efforts. Teaching Tolerance is a national education project dedicated to helping teachers foster equity, respect, and understanding in the classroom and beyond.

3. - Women's Educational Media is a nonprofit production company specializing in social issue documentaries and the creators of THAT'S A FAMILY, a video series about family diversity designed for use in elementary school classrooms.


1. - US Census Bureau reports on Households and Families. See Press Releases for overviews.

2. - The Emerging 21st Century American Family, November 24, 1999. According to a new report from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, the American family which has undergone a major transformation in the past generation, is poised to change even more in the coming century. Households will move further away from the family-structure model of a stay-at-home mother, working father, and children. See Press release,, or the complete study.

3. - Family Discussions is intended to provide useful resources for anyone interested in the sociology of the family, especially recent sociological discussions of family change. It will highlight the work of scholars who are making serious and creative attempts to understand our changing families in the context of a changing social world.

4. - The Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) is a nonprofit organization composed of family researchers, theorists and practitioners. CCF's goal is to promote informed and constructive discussion of contemporary families' needs and how those needs might best be met.

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